Personal Education
We make sure that each of our students is able to develop intellectually and morally based on his or her own abilities.
Bilingual Education
It is proven that a bilingual education guarantees greater possibilities for professional success, and opens doors in the working environment, in the future. In addition to helping them focus, it allows them to have an open mind and allows them to switch tasks more quickly.
We empower talents and abilities.
We help our students develop their aptitudes, guaranteeing a safe place where they may grow, enjoy new experiences, and have fulfilling moments.
Entrenamos a las futuras generaciones
Tomamos la responsabilidad de potencializar a sus hijos en sus habilidades y talentos para su formación personal, espiritual e intelectual, de tal forma que tengan la capacidad de enfrentar los desafíos que se les presenten y así mismo dejar el mejor legado a sus generaciones.
Safe Place
We ensure that every boy, girl, and teenager is enlightened under Biblical principles, guiding and helping them not only in their educational development, but also in their personal and spiritual growth.
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About Our School

Our Story

On the year 2007, our church Pastor, David Vincent Spencer, had a vision; He wanted to start Christian bilingual school designed to meet the educational, spiritual and social needs of children and teenagers. Offering the student community, a program endorsed in Nicaragua with the perspective of accreditation in the United States of America, based on Christian values that develop a critical thinking and leadership ethics.


We are a Christian bilingual school, committed with the integral formation of kids and teenagers. Our values and principles are based on family, and emphasized on the biblical and spiritual formation of our students.


We want our students to grow with a lifelong relationship with Jesus; Enabling them to become successful and influential leaders with Christian values and principles, as well as bilingual academic preparation and technological knowledge.

What do we offer?

Friendly Environment



Computer Lab

What do we do?

Our study systems

Christian Educational (International) System, ABeka:

In Hosanna Christian Academy we operate with the Northamerican curriculum, ABeka. Because it provides us with Christ-centered teaching books in English.
ABeka is the world 's biggest christian book editorial.
It´s the world´s most known and ideal study at home plan.
Thanks to this method, parents can keep track of their children's learning process at home.
Its objective is to influence a Christian lifestyle for every student.
ABeka presents an interactive, fun and memorable learning experience for students.

Christian Educational (International) System, Bob Jones University Press:

We use the educational (international) program, Bob Jones University Press, a Christian textbook publisher, for the subjects, Language, History, Physics, and Chemistry.
This educational system provides a learning material, written from a Biblical perspective. It focuses on achieving academic excellence and encourages young people to thrive in critical thinking.


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